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  • marinesciencelab


    This VRE was born as a collaboration environment between JRC and CNR on...

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  • marinesciencelab-cnr


    This VRE collects data and process developed and used by CNR Institutes, from...

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  • nitrogenscrumlab


    This virtual research environment provides collaborative data science, data...

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  • orionknowledgehub

    ORION Knowledge Hub

    The ORION project aims at establishing and strengthening inter-institutional...

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  • protectedareaimpactmaps

    Protected Area Impact Maps

    Support spatial planning projects by providing existing rich analytical data...

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  • rakip_portal


    The food safety community is generating a variety of scientific knowledge,...

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  • rakip_trial


    This Virtual Research Environment is conceived to support an expert workshop...

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  • resourcecatalogue

    SoBigData Catalogue

    SoBigData is the European Research Infrastructure for Big Data and Social...

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  • rprototypinglab

    RPrototyping Lab

    The RPrototyping Lab is conceived to provide its users with a complete...

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  • tabulardatalab

    Tabular Data Lab

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