The food safety community is generating a variety of scientific knowledge, e.g. scientific publications, experimental data, databases, mathematical models and software tools for model generation and application. However, the access to this knowledge and the exchange of information between databases and software tools are currently difficult and time consuming. Therefore, three European institutions specialized in food safety risk assessment (ANSES, BfR and DTU Food) initiated a joint project to establish new community resources facilitating the efficient knowledge integration and exchange into and between IT-based applications and resources. The envisaged “Risk Assessment Modelling and Knowledge Integration Platforms” (RAKIP) will be based on harmonized data formats and consistent rules for knowledge annotation. The feasibility of this concept will be exemplified during a one-year, tri-lateral project between ANSES, DTU Food and BfR. The first RAKIP system will encompass data, models and supporting resources generated by the three institutions. As a next step an open access public RAKIP portal will be created, allowing users to access and download reviewed risk assessment models, modules thereof and related data in a harmonized file format. These files can then be imported and executed by software tools supporting the proposed harmonized file format. The envisaged RAKIP portal will facilitate efficient knowledge sharing between interested stakeholders and researchers as existing models can then easily be adapted to specific needs and used as building blocks for future risk assessment models.