ORION Knowledge Hub

The ORION project aims at establishing and strengthening inter-institutional collaboration and transdisciplinary knowledge transfer in the area of surveillance data integration and interpretation, along the One Health (OH) objective of improving health and well-being. The ORION KNOWLEDGE HUB serves as a community resource to facilitate knowledge exchange and internal and external communication within the ORION project and with other EJP project partners. It is planned to develop the VRE into a cross-domain inventory of public/veterinary health data sources as well as of methods/algorithms/tools and best practice solutions supporting integrated OH surveillance data generation, data analysis and interpretation. Furthermore, the ORION KNOWLEDGE HUB will support the adoption of harmonized data standards for description of data, models and methods. The VRE will provide access to a software or code repositories, a Wiki and provide computational resources via the Data Miner VRE feature. It will host training materials (including video tutorials) and webinars.