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  • VirtualResearchEnvironment

    BiOnym Virtual Research Environment

    The BiOnym VLab provides its users with a service developed in the iMarine context to compare a set of scientific names against taxonomic reference lists including recognised...
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  • VirtualResearchEnvironment

    RPrototypingLab Virtual Research Environment

    The RPrototypingLab is conceived to provide its users with a complete development and integration environment for R. In particular, the environment is powered by RStudio®, an...
  • VirtualResearchEnvironment

    Biodiversity Lab Virtual Research Environment

    The Biodiversity Lab is designed to provide a collection of applications that allow scholars to perform complete experiments involving single individuals or groups of marine...
  • VirtualResearchEnvironment

    Analytics Lab Virtual Research Environment

    A Virtual Research Environment specifically conceived to provide its users with an environment to experience with data analytics facilities. In particular, users of this VRE...
  • VirtualResearchEnvironment

    TabularDataLab Virtual Research Environment

    The TabularDataLab VLab was conceived to provide its users with a working environment supporting the management of tabular data, i.e. any dataset that can be represented in a...
  • VirtualResearchEnvironment

    iSearch Virtual Research Environment

    The iSearch VRE has been conceived to give users a showcase of the IR and Semantic Web facilities offered by iMarine and the D4Science Infrastructure. The Information Space is...
  • VirtualResearchEnvironment

    Scalable Data Mining Virtual Research Environment

    The Scalable Data Mining VRE is designed to apply Data Mining techniques to biological data. The algorithms are executed in a distributed fashion on the e-Infrastructure nodes...