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    Epidemic Sentiment Analysis

    This tool is a sentiment analysis framework inspired by models of epidemic spreading, which aims to extend sentiment-tagged lexicons. It is easily extendable to multiple...
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    Superdiversity and Sentiment

    This method analysises the effect of the migration phenomena on the sentiment of a community. Under development.
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    Economic Integration Model

    This model allows to understand the integration process of immigrants starting from retail data. Under development.
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    Modelling Scientific Migration

    This method is an adaptation of the general migration models to understand scientific migration. Under development.
  • SoBigData.eu: Method

    Nowcasting migration stocks and flows

    This method nowcasts migration stocks and flows by using Twitter data. Under development.
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    Twitter preprocessor

    Tokeniser, lemmatiser, extraction of negation. Under development.