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    Private Data Catalogue Maintenance Workflows

    This set of KNIME workflows allows developers to maintain the content within the VRE Data Catalogue. The workflows simplify the CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and...
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Articles and comments of major Estonian newspapers

    The dataset contains articles and comments of four major Estonian news portals since early 2000s to 2016.
  • SoBigData.eu: Method


    TripBuilder is a mobile service helping tourists to build their own personalized sightseeing tour of a city. Given a targeted touristic area, the time available for the visit,...
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  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset


    The dataset consists of about 418 million of tweets from June 25, 2015 to September 19, 2015. Tweets are about trending hashtags gathered though the public Twitter api.
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    Formal network of Estonian companies and board members

    This dataset consists of managed and continuously updated data about Estonian companies and board members since 1994. Technical documentation of data structures and the REST API...
  • SoBigData.eu: Dataset

    .ee Web archive

    .ee Web archive consisting of snapshots from 2015