Terrace - lines

Terraces are defined as a step-like landform and can be sub-divided thus: 1. Marine (1a: erosional / 1b: depositional); 2. Fluvial (2a: erosional / 2b: depositional); 3. Lacustrine (3a: erosional / 3b: depositional); 4. Other.

Further information on genesis of the terrace e.g. Erosional (e.g. wave-cut platform), Depositional (e.g. fluvial margins) is presented if known.

Chronological information is presented as calendar age BP.

Confidence is defined as follows: 1. High: Sampled feature with good age and palaeoenvironmental control. 2. Sampled feature with poor or none age and palaeoenvironmental control. 3. Constructed by remote sensing data only. 4. Low: Reasonable without any direct evidence.

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    Terrace - lines

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