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These conventions list the coordinates of points which are the vertices of segments which, in turn, define the maritime boundaries. This layer therefore features the following elements: - The textual content of international conventions establishing maritime boundaries in Europe. Maritime boundaries featured in this layer include territorial waters, bi- or multi-lateral boundaries (e.g. in the North Sea) as well as contiguous and exclusive economic zones. Some fishing areas are also defined. - The coordinates of points listed in these conventions are vertices of maritime boundaries - The maritime boundaries themselves, defined as the segments which links the different points listed in the international conventions.This layer covers the coast and surrounding seas of EU-25 as well as the sea around Iceland and Greenland. Restrictions are those cases where no regulatory text exists within the UNCLOS till now. Missing lines have been updated from marineregions.org even with no information about treats or regulatory text.

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bbox-east-long 35.8561
bbox-north-lat 76.0652
bbox-south-lat 4.50298
bbox-west-long -73.2688
contact-email Oonagh.OLoughlin@dcenr.gov.ie
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-73.2688, 4.50298], [35.8561, 4.50298], [35.8561, 76.0652], [-73.2688, 76.0652], [-73.2688, 4.50298]]]}
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